The following courses are offered throughout the year from January to December. 

These courses are scheduled to participants’ convenience. 

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Course Code Course Title  Duration

AVM1 Aviation & Airport Management 3
AVM2 Management of Civil Aviation Organisation 3
AVM3 Introduction to Air Transport Business & Management 3
AVM4 Aviation and Tourism 2
AVM5 Demand Analysis and Capacity Management 2
AVM6 Market Research for Air Transport 2
AVM7 Aviation Safety Programme Management 2


Course Code Course Title  Duration

DM1 Diploma in Disaster Preparedness & Response 4
DM2 Disaster Management & Response Programme 2
DM3 Disaster Planning & Recovery Management 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
DFM1 Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation (World Bank) 4
DFM2 Management of Public Debt (World Bank/IMF) 2
DFM3 Procurement Management for World Bank Funded Projects 3
DFM4 Development Banking & Micro-Credit Management 3
DFM5 Management of Public Debt (World Bank/IMF) Directives 3
DFM6 Development Banking & Administration 3
DFM7 Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation (World Bank) 2
DFM8 Management of Public Debt (World Bank/IMF) 3
DFM9 Procurement Management for World Bank Funded Projects 3
DFM10 Development Banking & Micro-Credit Management 3
DFM11 Management of Public Debt (World Bank/IMF) Directives 3
DFM12 Development Banking & Administration 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
Environmental issues 3
ENRM1 Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts 4
ENRM2 Environmental Impact Assessment Programme 2
ENRM3 Risk Management & Techniques 3
ENRM4 Conflict Resolution in Natural Resource Management 3
ENRM5 Forest Sustainability and Land Use 3
ENRM6 Management of Sustainable Natural Resources 3
ENRM7 Natural Resources Management & Sustainability 2
ENRM8 Solid Waste Management 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
ESM1 Advanced Certificate in Organisational Change & Strategy Development 3
ESM2 Advanced Management and Policy Development 3
ESM3 Advocacy & Networking Strategy Management 3
ESM4 Asset and Liability Management 3
ESM5 Media Management for Senior Executives 3
ESM6 Budgeting & Fiscal Decentralisation Programme 3
ESM7 Corporate Strategic Management 3
ESM8 Debt Management Strategies & Techniques 3
ESM9 Organisational Culture & Diversity Management 2
ESM10 Executive Diploma in Strategic Management 3
ESM11 Financial Management & Budgeting 3
ESM12 Fund-Raising & Funds Management Techniques 2
ESM13 Advanced Fund-Raising for Development Projects 3
ESM14 Leadership, Supervision & Organisational Development 3
ESM15 Micro-Economic Forecasting & Projections 2
ESM16 Organisational Change & Development 3
ESM17 Organisational Financial Planning & Cost Control 3
ESM18 Corporate Governance Fundamentals 3
ESM19 Policy Analysis & Management 3
ESM20 Policy Development Skills for Senior Managers 3
ESM21 Preventing Fraud & Corruption 2
ESM22 Strategic Management & Corporate Governance 3
ESM23 Strategic Management for Development Programmes 3
ESM24 Strategic Management for NGO's 3
ESM25 Strategic Marketing Management (Policy, Strategy & Implementation) 3
ESM26 Strategic Planning & Management 3
ESM27 Advanced Certificate in Organisational Change & Strategy Development 4
ESM28 Human Resources Management for Executives 3
ESM29 Stakeholder Engagement & Management 3
ESM30 Performance Management for Senior Executives 3
ESM31 Leadership Skills & Succession Planning 3
ESM32 Effective Board Management Skills 2
ESM33 Leadership in the 21st Century 3
ESM34 Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers 3
ESM35 Nation Branding in Africa 2


Course Code Course Title  Duration
FMA1 Computerised Financial Management 3
FMA2 Financial Fraud Detection & Control 3
FMA3 Financial Management 3
FMA4 Financial Management & Budgeting 3
FMA5 Financial Management for Public Funds 2
FMA6 Financial Management Skills for Engineers 4
FMA7 Financial Reporting and Auditing Skills 3
FMA8 Governance & Accountability in Micro-Finance Management 3
FMA9 Internal Auditing for Organisations 2
FMA10 International Public Sector Accounting & Management 3
FMA11 Management Monitoring & Evaluation of Micro-Credits 3
FMA12 Organisational Financial Planning & Cost Control 3
FMA13 Public Sector Financial Accounting 3
FMA14 International Accounting Standards 3
FMA15 Forensic Auditing 2
FMA16 Advanced Financial Management 3
FMA17 Advanced Internal Auditing 3
FMA18 Fraud & Corruption: Detection & Prevention 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration (Weeks)
FMIP1 Fundamentals of Public Debt Management 3
FMIP2 Debt Management Strategies & Techniques 3
FMIP3 Advanced Public Debt Management 2
FMIP4 Monitoring & Compilation of Private Sector External Debt 3
FMIP5 National Debt Sustainability Analysis 3
FMIP6 Auditing Public Debt 3
FMIP7 Macroeconomic Management & Debt Issues 2
FMIP8 Financial Market Analysis 2
FMIP9 Developing Bond Markets 2
FMIP10 Fundamentals of Bond Markets 2
FMIP11 Anti-Money Laundering Policies, Strategies and Techniques 3
FMIP12 Public Financial Management, Budgeting & Planning 3
FMIP13 Fundamentals of Microeconomic Analysis 2
FMIP14 Financial Programming & Policies 2
FMIP15 Macroeconomic Management & Fiscal Policy 2
FMIP16 Monetary & Exchange Rate Policy 2
FMIP17 Macroeconomic Forecasting 3
FMIP18 Design, Sequencing & Implementation of Financial Management Reforms 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
GMA1 Management Best Practices: Contemporary Management in Action 3
GMA2 Advocacy Communication & Behavioural Change 3
GMA3 Communication Skills (Skills Development & Presentation) 2
GMA4 Conflict Management, Conciliation & Mediation 3
GMA5 Crisis Management & Contingency Planning 3
GMA6 Dealing with Conflict & Difficult People 2
GMA7 Professional Administration Management 4
GMA8 Economic Analysis & Development Research 3
GMA9 Effective Communication Skills Programme 2
GMA10 Effective Office Management and Administration 3
GMA11 Organisational Development & Change Management 3
GMA12 Managing Change in the Public Sector 3
GMA13 Stakeholders Engagement & Management 3
GMA14 Leadership Development in the Public Sector 2
GMA15 Effectiveness Management in the Public Sector 2
GMA16 Office Management & Administration 4
GMA17 Results-Based Management (RBM) 4
GMA18 Strategic Management for Senior Managers 3
GMA19 Balanced Scorecard 2
GMA20 Leadership Skills for New Leaders 3
GMA21 Management Skills for New Managers 3
GMA22 Media Training for Management Executives 3
GMA23 Negotiating, Drafting & Managing Contracts 3
GMA24 Advanced Certificate in Risk Management Techniques 4
GMA25 Risk Management (Deeper Perspectives & Analysis) 3
GMA26 Marketing Management 4
GMA27 Customer Care and Public Relations 3
GMA28 Customer Service & Retention Strategies 3
GMA29 Total Quality Management 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
GIS1 Introduction to GIS 3
GIS2 GIS & Remote Sensing 4
GIS3 Introduction to GIS Standards 2
GIS4 Diploma in GIS 4
GIS5 Using Databases & GIS 3
GIS6 Spatial Analysis 3
GIS7 GIS in the Workplace 3
GIS8 Web-based GIS 3
GIS9 Introduction to Java Programming 4
GIS10 GIS for Environmental Management 4
GIS11 Applied Environmental GIS 4
GIS12 GIS for Analysis of Health 3
GIS13 GIS for Health Care Management 4
GIS14 Certificate in Spatial Information Services (GIS) 2
GIS15 Diploma in Spatial Information Services 5


Course Code Course Title  Duration
GAC1 Revenue Collection Management 3
GAC2 Revenue Collection Management 3
GAC3 Financial Management & Budgeting 3
GAC4 Financial Reporting and Auditing of Donor-Projects 3
GAC5 Advanced Financial Reporting for Government 2
GAC6 Advanced Government Accounting 4
GAC7 Computerised Financial Management 3
GAC8 Financial Fraud Detection & Control 3
GAC9 Financial Management 2
GAC10 Financial Management & Budgeting 3
GAC11 Financial Management for Public Funds 3
GAC12 Taxation 3
GAC13 Tax Regulation 3
GAC14 Tax & Revenue Administration 3
GAC15 e-government 2
GAC16 Public Debt Management 3
GAC17 Anti-Money Laundering Regulation 3
GAC18 Fraud & Corruption in the Public Sector: Detection & Prevention 3
GAC19 Public Sector Accounting 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
GSP1 Communications Policy & Regulation 2
GSP2 e-Government (Policy, Strategy & Implementation) 2
GSP3 Financial Reporting for Governments 3
GSP4 Governance in the Public Sector 3
GSP5 Macro-Economic Programmes (National Strategies) 2


Course Code Course Title  Duration
HAM1 HIV/AIDS Guidance & Counselling 3
HAM2 Advanced Certificate in Advocacy, Communication & Behavioural Change 3
HAM3 Diploma in Health Information Management 3
HAM4 HIV/AIDS in Gender Research Projects 3
HAM5 HIV/AIDS: Care & Treatment 3
HAM6 HIV/AIDS: Peer Education & Behavioural Change 2
HAM7 HIV/AIDS: Care & Treatment 3
HAM8 HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming in Sectors & Programs 3
HAM9 HIV/AIDS in the Work Place: Management Skills 2
HAM10 Guidance & Counselling Techniques 3
HAM11 Public Health Management Programme 3
HAM12 Social & Primary Health Care Promotion 3
HAM13 Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Programmes 3
HAM14 Development of HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
HRM1 Training the Trainer (TOT) 3
HRM2 Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management 4
HRM3 Capacity Building for Public Sector Development 2
HRM4 Gender Mainstreaming 3
HRM5 Human Resource Management Principles & Practice 3
HRM6 Human Resources and Performance Management 4
HRM7 Human Resources Management (Policy & Strategy) 3
HRM8 Job Analysis & Evaluation (HR Perspective) 3
HRM9 Job Analysis & Re-evaluation Programme 2
HRM10 Management of the Training Function (MTF) 3
HRM11 Performance Auditing 3
HRM12 Performance Management 4
HRM13 Performance Management in the Public Sector 3
HRM14 Personnel and Human Resource Management 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
ICT1 Computer Application in Finance & Accounts 4
ICT2 Computer Assisted Financial Management 2
ICT3 Computerised Financial Management 3
ICT4 Computerised Project Management 3
ICT5 Education Information Systems Management 3
ICT6 Effective Computer-Assisted Procurement and Contract Management 3
ICT7 Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) 3
ICT8 Geographic Information Management 2
ICT9 I.T Systems & Network Security 6
ICT10 IT Applications in Project Management 3
ICT11 Programming System Analysis & Design 3
ICT12 Management Information Systems for Monitoring & Evaluation (Computer Support System) 3
ICT13 Geographic Information Systems Management 3
ICT14 Practical Java Programming 2
ICT15 Practical Enterprise Web and Backend Integration Development 2
ICT16 Practical Design Patterns and Applications 2
ICT17 Hands on Web Services Development 2
ICT18 Practical Android Apps Development 2
ICT19 Practical J2ME Development for feature or Dumb Phones 2
ICT20 Hands on Digital and Online Security Course 2


Course Code Course Title  Duration
LS1 Human Rights and the Globalised World 2
LS2 International Law 2
LS3 International Humanitarian Law 2
LS4 Sexual Minority Rights 4
LS5 Human Rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution 2
LS6 Legislative and Policy Drafting 3
LS7 Contract Law 2
LS8 Statutory & Constitutional Interpretation 3
LS9 Parliamentary Administration & Management 4
LS10 Public Diplomacy & Protocol 3
LS11 Anti-Money Laundering Regulation & Legislation 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
LGMA1 Local Government Planning 3
LGMA2 Advanced Local Government Planning 4
LGMA3 Development Assessment 2
LGMA4 Development Control 2
LGMA5 Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery 3
LGMA6 Corporate Management & Organisation Change 3
LGMA7 Integrated Strategic Planning 3
LGMA8 Local Environmental Management 3
LGMA9 Local Government Leadership 4
LGMA10 Social Planning & Development 3
LGMA11 New Perspectives in Local Government Leadership 3
LGMA12 Building Regulation 3
LGMA13 Advanced Building Regulation 4
LGMA14 Conducting a Formal Investigation 2
LGMA15 The Principles & Processes of Community Development 5
LGMA16 Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Local Government 4
LGMA17 Power & Conflict Management 3
LGMA18 HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Programme 3
LGMA19 Local Government Administration 4
LGMA20 Advanced Local Government Administration 4
LGMA21 Public Administration 4
LGMA22 Advanced Public Administration 4
LGMA23 Speed Reading for Managers  & Councilors 2
LGMA24 Dealing with the Media 3
LGMA25 Finance for Non-Finance Managers 3
LGMA26 Job Analysis & Evaluation 3
LGMA27 Developing The Town Planner’s Assistant 4
LGMA28 Local Government Health & Environment Management 4
LGMA29 Collaborative Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills 3
LGMA30 Managerial Skills for Secretaries 4
LGMA31 Advanced Local Government Health & Environment Management 4
LGMA32 Workplace Investigations 4
LGMA33 Local Government Auditing 4
LGMA34 Retirement Planning 3
LGMA35 Human Resources Management 4
LGMA36 Advanced Local Government Auditing 3
LGMA37 Recruitment & Selection in Local Government 3
LGMA38 Customer Relationship & & Complaints Management in the Public Service 3
LGMA39 Local Government Regulatory Service 3
LGMA40 Advanced Local Government Regulatory Service 3
LGMA41 Financial & Strategic Management 4
LGMA42 Education Management 3
LGMA43 Conservation Area Management 5
LGMA44 The Local Authority Role in Public Health 3
LGMA45 Change Management & Team Building in the Public Sector 3
LGMA46 Health Economics 4
LGMA47 Advanced Health Economics 3
LGMA48 Leadership Skills & Good Governance in Local Government Authorities 4
LGMA49 Property Management 4
LGMA50 Records & Information Management 4
LGMA51 e-government 2
LGMA52 Procurement & Contract Management in Local Government Authorities 4
LGMA53 Traffic Enforcement 3
LGMA54 Waste Management 3
LGMA55 Advanced Property Management 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
MPPR1 The Media and Publicity in the 21st Century 3
MPPR2 Corporate Communications and Professional Writing Skills 3
MPPR3 Fundamentals of Public Relations 2
MPPR4 Public Relations & Customer Care 3
MPPR5 Strategic Communications 2
MPPR6 Stakeholder Relationships Management 2
MPPR7 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
MPPR8 Crisis Communication 1
MPPR9 Professional Writing and Editing 2
MPPR10 Media Monitoring, Research and Analysis 1
MPPR11 Public Opinion Polls and Surveys 1
MPPR12 Political Communication 1
MPPR13 Understanding Social Media 1
MPPR14 Digital and Online Media 2
MPPR15 Advanced Professional Writing 1
MPPR16 Marketing in the 21st Century 3
MPPR17 Strategic Marketing 2
MPPR18 Business-to-Business Marketing 2
MPPR19 Social Marketing and Donor Relations 2
MPPR20 Corporate Social Responsibility & Green Marketing 2


Course Code Course Title  Duration
NM1 Gender & Economic Policy Analysis (GEPA) 2
NM2 Gender & Youth Development Programme 3
NM3 Gender Education & Development 3
NM4 Gender Education & Development 3
NM5 Gender Issues for Sustainable Development 3
NM6 Gender Monitoring & Evaluation Analysis (GMEA) 3
NM7 Leadership Skills for Women 2
NM8 Gender Auditing 3
NM9 Gender & Economic Policy Analysis (GEPA) 2
NM10 Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation Techniques 3
NM11 Community Mobilisation for Projects 2


Course Code Course Title  Duration
OAS1 Advanced Programme for Personal Assistants 4
OAS2 Computer Software Management Skills for Secretaries & PA's 3
OAS3 Etiquette Knowledge for Executive Secretaries 3
OAS4 Exceptional Performance Management for Secretaries  & PA's 3
OAS5 Executive Secretaries & Personal Assistants 3
OAS6 Financial Skills for Pro-Active Personal Assistants 3
OAS7 Making a Modern Secretary in the 21st Century 3
OAS8 Management Development Programme for Personal Assistants 4
OAS9 Project Management for PA's & Senior Secretaries 4
OAS10 Office Management & Administration Skills 4
OAS11 Events Management 3
OAS12 Executive Skills for the Board Secretary 3
OAS13 Reception and Front Office Management 4
OAS14 Public Relations and Customer Service 4
OAS15 Advanced Communication Skills for Secretaries & PA's 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
SCM1 Goods and Equipment Procurement 3
SCM2 Management of Stores and Inventory 3
SCM3 Procurement in the Public & Private Sectors 3
SCM4 Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector 4
SCM5 Tendering for Government Contracts 3
SCM6 Tendering for Public Procurement 4
SCM7 Works and Strategic Procurement Management 3
SCM8 Stores & Warehouse Management 3
SCM9 Management of Stores and Inventory 2
SCM10 Management of Government Logistics 3
SCM11 Procurement for World Bank-Funded Projects 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
PM1 Compiling, Issuing & Evaluating Tenders 3
PM2 Advanced Certificate in Project Management 4
PM3 Computer Applications in Project Management 3
PM4 Investigation and Prevention of Corruption in Projects 3
PM5 M & E for Agricultural Research & Extension Projects 4
PM6 Management and Control of Donor-Funded Projects 4
PM7 Managing Human Resources in Projects 3
PM8 Monitoring & Evaluation of Educational Projects 3
PM9 Monitoring & Evaluation of Road Projects 3
PM10 Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects 4
PM11 Monitoring and Evaluation of Energy Projects 3
PM12 Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Projects 3
PM13 Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects 4
PM14 Project and Environment Management 3
PM15 Project Design, Proposal Writing & Fund-Raising 4
PM16 Project Management Fundamentals 3
PM17 Project Management for Donor Funded Projects 3
PM18 Project Procurement Management 3
PM19 Project Financial Management 3
PM20 Project Administration 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
RM1 Diploma in Records & Information Management 3
RM2 Advanced Certificate in Computer Skills for Data Records Management 3
RM3 E-Records & Archive Management 4
RM4 Electronic Records Management 3
RM5 Records and Information Management 3
RM6 Digital Libraries Management Course 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
RD1 Data Management & Statistical Analysis 3
RD2 Management of Agricultural Research (MAR) 3
RD3 Research Methods & Feasibility Studies for Projects 3
RD4 Research Methods & Research Methodologies 4
RD5 Social Research Methods (Participatory Approaches) 4


Course Code Course Title  Duration
TLM1 Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) Public Sector Development 4
TLM2 Management of Public Transport 3
TLM3 Management of Urban Transport Programme 3
TLM4 Transport & Logistics Management 3
TLM5 Management of Government Transport 3


Course Code Course Title  Duration
WSM1 Community Water Supply & Waste Management 3
WSM2 Water & Sanitation Planning Management 3
WSM3 Water Management & Sustainability Economics 3
WSM4 Water Resources Management 4