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    Is UIMTA a registered and accredited institution?

    UIMTA is a South African and Registered training and business consultancy services provider. UIMTA’s accreditation number is 9924.
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    What do the course fees comprise?

    The course fees quoted cover the costs for the facilitators, programme design, site visits, and training support materials.
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    What do I do on arrival at the airport?

    UIMTA is responsible for picking you up from the airport to the place where you will be staying and daily to the course venue. UIMTA will also drop you at the airport when you are returning to your home country.
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    How do I pay for my fees and accommodation?

    Fees can be paid via electronic bank transfer in US$, Euro, British Pound or in South African Rand. Fees should be paid before or on arrival in South Africa.
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    Help! I cannot find the course I need!

    UIMTA is able to design an appropriate training programme at your request, based on your training needs assessment.